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The Rembo Wizard is a free plug-in module for the Rembo Toolkit.

  • As a User, it allows you to take snapshots of your PC's system disk and restore your system disk to a known state.
  • System Administrators would use the system disk cloning features of The Rembo Wizard, its automated system recovery procedures and its highly configurable user-level backup procedures.
  • Developers may like to study the Rembo-C source code as a starting point of their own projects or for some new ideas of how to use the Rembo Toolkit.

The Rembo Wizard is free and Open Source. The source code repository and the software distribution is kindly hosted by the SourceForge.Net. The Rembo Wizard is developed and used in the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility. Rembo Technology has given valuable help in the program development. We would like to thank everybody for the great support!

Development Hosted By SourceForge.Net  A Development Of The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility  Based On Rembo Technology's Products

18 Nov 2002

NOTE: V1.1 Archive - Latest Version 

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