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Rembo allows you to do following operations with Linux and Windows running PC computers:
  • Create operating system image of a reference computer
    • Base image
    • Incremental images for add-on software
  • Install - or recover - the image on the same computer
  • Deploy - or clone - the image on an other computer

The Rembo Wizard is a free-of-charge Rembo plug-in software that executes on the target computer. It has following features:

  • GUI for end-user managed backups and restorations
  • Manual and automated base image creation
  • Manual system snapshot image creation
  • Support for incremental Rembo images for software package installation
  • Four different image restoration modes
    • Manual restoration with base image and with programmable number of snapshot images
    • AutoFix-mode for overnight system regeneration for the public access terminal room computers
    • Unattended single-shot installation possibility for the cluster of servers or for a group of control system computers
    • AutoRepair-feature allows maintenance personnel to change a broken hard disk - system gets regenerated automatically when the power is turned back on!
  • Easy GUI configuration of above features with several levels of password protection.

08 Dec 2004

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